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As more and more companies enter the market, the key elements for these companies to succeed are to ensure that product design fully takes into account the environmental variability associated with car use, the strict quality and reliability requirements they must comply with, and Consumer expectations for performance and reliability. The design team must understand these conditions and apply appropriate techniques to solve design problems and achieve compliance.
The sensor is the vulnerable part of the electric vehicle motor and the most vulnerable component. The following is a brief introduction to the installation and removal of the sensor
Advantages: small size, precision, high resolution, no contact and no wear; the same product can detect angular displacement, but also can detect linear displacement with the help of mechanical conversion device
For the specific measurement work of the sensor, the principle of the sensor must be considered first. Because, even if it is measuring the same object, there are sensors with multiple principles to choose from. Which type of sensor is more suitable depends on the characteristics of the detected and the use conditions of the sensor: sensor installation size; detection method; detection object ; Use environment; use temperature; working voltage, etc.
The above is the fault analysis of the alarm sound of the Inbol controller. I hope to give our customers some help. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone.
Mounting hole pitch: Ø50, the maximum outer diameter of Ø60 magnetic encoder is a Hall effect induction iron (magnetic) structure, and can measure the direction of judgment.
For the wound rotary transformer, the alternating magnetic field generated by the field winding is periodically stable, and the cutting magnetic field area of the metal conductor of the secondary winding changes, which causes the magnetic flux to change, and then the induced electromotive force changes to form a voltage signal, which is converted by A/D Digital signal (ie angle signal);
Rated excitation voltage and excitation frequency Generally below 10V. Frequency-between 400Hz and (5~10)kHz.
Resolvers are precision components with strong ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. In applications, whether in mechanical installation or electrical connection, certain principles must be strictly observed.
Possible reasons for low accuracy:
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