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2020 [ 2020-07-16 ]
In July, it established a production-university-research cooperation relationship with Hangzhou Dianzi University; in the same month, it established the production base of Shenzhen Huaxia Magnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Yancheng with Jiangsu Axiante Company.
In June, the fluxgate current sensor was successfully developed and realized localization; 52 resolver has been initially recognized by SAIC transmission and has now entered the comprehensive review stage; in the same month, 37 resolver and 52 resolver have been successfully given to Shuanglin transmission , Zhuzhou CRRC is supporting a small batch of trials; in addition, it has also been initially approved by Wan Liyang, and is customizing 160 resolvers for it.
In March, it signed a development agreement with Chongqing Ji Nengda Company on Changan Qingshan speed sensor and gear sensor and other four products.
2019 [ 2019-12-19 ]
Provided resolver in December and became the designated supplier of Chongqing Zongshen; obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise.
In October, it provided terminal type resolvers and successively became the designated supplier of Beijing Hongrui Automobile, Halla Electric, and Roshow New Energy.
In August, it provided AC asynchronous motor encoder and became the designated supplier of Rhein Power (Wonder Group) and Wannan Motor (Hecha).
In May, Huaxia Magnetics moved to Tongfuyu Industrial Zone, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen.
In March, 160 types of resolvers were developed and became the supplier of Harbin Dongan Automobile Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Developed 158 types of resolvers in February and became the supplier of Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd.
2018 [ 2018-09-01 ]
In September, it developed 6 speed sensors for gearboxes for Harbin Dongan Automobile Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and became a designated supplier.
In August, it passed the IATF16949 automotive quality management system transition certification.
Provide resolvers for Shenzhen Juma, Beijing Tianke, Shandong Hangewei, Shandong Deyang Electronics and other units.
2017 [ 2017-01-01 ]
Develop various resolver products such as 37/52/74/100/132/160.
2016 [ 2016-01-01 ]
In September, it passed the ISO/TS16949 automotive quality management system certification.
Provided encoders for motor speed measurement and direction judgment and became a secondary supplier of BAIC New Energy.
2015 [ 2015-03-01 ]
In October, developed special chips for magnetic encoders for AC asynchronous motors and realized localization. Currently, more than 4 million chips have been put on the market.
In March, it developed automotive height sensors and became a supplier of China Road Vehicle Machinery (China Communications Construction) and Chengdu Yajun New Energy.
2014 [ 2014-01-01 ]
In 2014, we provided special magnetic encoders for speed measurement and direction judgment of AC asynchronous drive motors to Zhejiang Kangdi (Geely), Shandong Shifeng, Changsha Zotye, Hangcha, Tang Jun Ouling, Yujie, Bi Devon, Daojue and Lu Zhizhou, etc. Supporting units.
2012 [ 2012-06-01 ]
In November, it provided speed sensors and became a supporting supplier for Zhuzhou Gear Co., Ltd. and Zhuzhou Ogri Transmission Co., Ltd.
In June, it developed a speed sensor for gearboxes and became a supporting supplier of Chery light trucks.
2011 [ 2011-01-01 ]
In December, it developed sensors for transfer case speed and gear switch and became a supplier of Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd.
In August, developed automatic transmission (AT) dedicated input and output speed sensors and became a supplier of Huatai Automobile.
In January, our company cooperated with Lanzhou University to establish Huaxia Magnetoelectronics-Lanzhou University Magnetoelectronics Application Laboratory.
2010 [ 2010-09-01 ]
In November, our company's automotive sensor series products passed the inspection and certification of Shenzhen Guance Technology Service Co., Ltd.
In September, our company's "automobile-specific new speed sensor project" was supported by the National Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
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