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Notes on the use of resolver:
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Notes on the use of resolver:

2021-01-27 19:48

Resolvers are precision components with strong ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. In applications, whether in mechanical installation or electrical connection, certain principles must be strictly observed.

1) Requirements for mechanical installation
① The center of rotation between the stator and the rotor must be consistent to ensure that the air gap magnetic field changes strictly in accordance with the theoretical value. Especially for split resolvers, the axial magnetic center lines between the stator and rotor coincide. ③When assembling, it should not be too tight or too loose. Do not hit with a hammer to avoid damage.

2) Apply rated power supply voltage
   All parameters of resolver are measured under rated voltage. If the applied voltage is too large or too small, it will affect the performance to a certain extent and also affect the application.

3) Avoid the influence of noise signals
  Resolver is a signal component, which should be avoided from the influence of noise signals; it will be sensitive to noise signals during long-line transmission. Therefore, each pair of lead wires should be shielded and received by a differential amplifier.

4) Shield
   The magnetic field of the resolver itself is relatively weak. When a strong external magnetic field is close to the resolver (such as in a motor), it will affect the magnetic field of the resolver and the magnetic state at the end of the resolver winding, and then generate an error potential and cause an error. Therefore, the resolver should be kept away from the strong magnetic field as much as possible, and magnetic shielding measures should be taken. The commonly used shielding method is to twist the lead wire, shield the network on the lead wire jacket, and ground the shielding network. In addition, it is best to provide a separate power supply. Electrical isolation.

5) Balance load
  When the load on the two-phase output of the rotary transformer is asymmetrical, errors will occur. Therefore, pay attention to two-phase load balance when using. In addition, the impedance value of the load should be as large as possible, so as not to affect the operation of the resolver.

6) Correct wiring
   Wire in accordance with the prescribed markings, and the sine phase, cosine phase and the positive direction of the excitation cannot be wrong. 

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