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Advantages and disadvantages of motor encoders
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Advantages and disadvantages of motor encoders

2021-01-27 19:53

Motor encoder

Advantages: small size, precision, high resolution, no contact and no wear; the same product can detect angular displacement, but also can detect linear displacement with the help of mechanical conversion device; multi-turn photoelectric absolute encoder can detect quite long range The linear displacement (such as 25 multi-turn). Long lifespan, free installation, abundant interface forms and reasonable price. Mature technology has been widely used at home and abroad many years ago.

Disadvantages: precision but high protection requirements for outdoor and harsh environments; measurement of linear displacement needs to rely on mechanical device conversion, and the error caused by mechanical gaps needs to be eliminated; it is difficult to overcome slippage when detecting orbiting objects.

Magnetostatic Absolute Encoder

Advantages: moderate volume, direct measurement of linear displacement, absolute digital encoding, no theoretical range limit; no contact, no wear, resistance to harsh environments, and can be used under 1000 meters; rich interface forms, diverse measurement methods; prices are acceptable.

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