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A few tips on the use of sensors:
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A few tips on the use of sensors:

2021-01-27 19:55

1. Replacement of wearing parts

The sensor is a vulnerable part of the electric vehicle motor and the most vulnerable component. The following is a brief introduction to the installation and removal of the sensor.

1) Unscrew the mounting sensor screw with a wrench

2) Rotate the sensor at an angle, because the sensor is tightly matched with the hole, it needs to be rotated and pulled out repeatedly, and the new sensor needs to be rotated and pressed in.

2 Sensor enters water

will cause operation failure. In order to prevent water from entering the sensor pin position, the wire is fixed in a circle, and the connector head is facing down, which can better waterproof the terminal. If water enters, it cannot operate.

3 Remove the connector

If you can't do it, you will pull it hard, and the terminal will be loose! The connector of the plug-in must be opened according to the figure before the plug-in plug can be separated. Otherwise, the terminal or lead wire will be loosened, causing abnormal A/B signal during high-speed driving. (During installation or after-sales maintenance, many customers did not operate according to this regulation, resulting in loose terminals or loose leads, resulting in abnormal sensor signals)

4 When using the sensor

The working voltage range of the sensor should be within 5~20V, otherwise it will break down the Hall element of the sensor. Therefore, electric vehicle manufacturers need to pay special attention to the operating voltage range of the sensor when designing the power supply system. At the same time, whether the power supply voltage is stable becomes the key to whether the sensor can avoid breakdown. This is also the key reason why some electric vehicle factories never damage sensors, and some electric vehicle factories often have sensors breakdown. So please pay special attention to how to ensure that the working voltage of the sensor can be stabilized within 5-20V.

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