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Reluctance resolver

Product number:37XU049.52C
Reluctance resolver is an electromagnetic sensor, which is composed of stator and rotor. When the AC magnetic field generated by the excitation winding is periodically stable, the rotor rotation leads to the change of the air gap magnetic field between the stator and rotor, and the inductance fed back to the secondary winding changes, so that the induced electromotive force changes and forms a voltage signal, which is converted into a digital signal (i.e. angle signal) through a / d. This product is suitable for various harsh environments and is widely used in military equipment fields such as aviation, aerospace and radar, as well as industrial fields such as automobile, robot, metallurgical machinery and textile machinery.
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Features of resolver

● High speed rotation
The highest speed can reach 20,000 RPM.

● High temperature environment
Allowable working temperature range -55℃~+155℃, special requirements can reach 220℃, especially suitable for automobile and aerospace fields.

● Low cost
Fewer parts are more suitable for automated assembly process, which greatly reduces the cost of resolver.

● Vibration

● Impact

● Humidity

● Maintenance-free
Due to the brushless design, it is maintenance-free during use and can have the same life span as the supporting products.

● High reliability
Because the rotor is only an iron core structure, the transmission signal adopts electromagnetic field induction type, which is suitable for various harsh environments and therefore has high reliability. Therefore, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, radar and other military equipment fields, as well as automobiles, robots, Metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and other industrial fields. 

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